For Every Time, There is a Season

Yes, indeedy. First, of all, it really is a particular season and I can’t help but to post these incredibly adorable holiday pictures of my furry ones. So, for your enjoyment, here is :







Yes, these pictures truly do amuse me. Amusement aside, the purpose of this post is to not show you how far down the crazy dog-lady path I have gone, but to discuss an agility training issue, namely, those “stinking” weave poles.

Tinker had ’em. Then she lost ’em. Weave Pole boot camp ensued. She got ’em back. Then she lost ’em (again). Here’s a snippet.

Her reluctance to get in the poles and stay in them in competition could be a number of things. Bad ear infection (which she had). Ring stress. Getting to skip them and be rewarded for going on (which I allowed). Not truly understanding the criteria. Since she can’t speak human, I may never truly know.

So the solution? Weave Pole boot camp Number 2. This time, we have a goal of truly independent weaves – she gets in ’em, she stays in ’em, and she completes ’em, no matter where I am. It’s a slow process and is challenging my patience. But I remember that for everything there is a season. It might not be on my timeline, but does that matter? Hell, no. So, for you out there, in dog agility-land or otherwise, be in the season you are in, and enjoy the journey.

Oh, and happy holidays.




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