The BWDs Go Skijoring

Christmas snow fun!

Tinker skijors too, and yesterday, despite her small stature, she pulled me like the dickens. But because I have no GoPro and my husband is not so adept with gadgetry in the snow, you get him and the BWDs. Besides, they are fun to watch.

And here are some other random shots from our holiday at Snow Mountain Ranch.


For Every Time, There is a Season

Yes, indeedy. First, of all, it really is a particular season and I can’t help but to post these incredibly adorable holiday pictures of my furry ones. So, for your enjoyment, here is :







Yes, these pictures truly do amuse me. Amusement aside, the purpose of this post is to not show you how far down the crazy dog-lady path I have gone, but to discuss an agility training issue, namely, those “stinking” weave poles.

Tinker had ’em. Then she lost ’em. Weave Pole boot camp ensued. She got ’em back. Then she lost ’em (again). Here’s a snippet.

Her reluctance to get in the poles and stay in them in competition could be a number of things. Bad ear infection (which she had). Ring stress. Getting to skip them and be rewarded for going on (which I allowed). Not truly understanding the criteria. Since she can’t speak human, I may never truly know.

So the solution? Weave Pole boot camp Number 2. This time, we have a goal of truly independent weaves – she gets in ’em, she stays in ’em, and she completes ’em, no matter where I am. It’s a slow process and is challenging my patience. But I remember that for everything there is a season. It might not be on my timeline, but does that matter? Hell, no. So, for you out there, in dog agility-land or otherwise, be in the season you are in, and enjoy the journey.

Oh, and happy holidays.



A Day in the Life of an Agility Dog

We get up early. So early that there is still need for some napping with a big white dog.

It’s still dark and we drive. We always seem to spend some time traveling for these days. I’m not as fond of being in the car as the big white dogs, but I usually like where the car takes me, so I go along for the ride.

We arrive and there’s a pretty good view of a spectacular mountain. It looks pretty far away, but maybe we’re going there?

Janey leaves me in my crate in the car, as the mornings are quite cool.

But soon, she comes back and we walk around. She has me sit in the dewey grass which I always enjoy.

After a bit, we go back to the car and she grabs some things – oh, and she lets me bring one of my favorite toys (sometimes she stuffs it with yummy treats!). Maybe we’ll tug??

I watch as other people walk around some obstacles set up – it’s time for agility!!


Our first run has jumps and tunnels and a frame (that’s one of my favorites!) and the weave poles (sometimes I pick up on some anxiety Janey has when she sends me to those and I hesitate and bark at her to tell her to relax but I’m not a great multi-tasker so I usually pop out but then we get to do them again!), a table and a dog walk. We go really fast and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had today. I guess I knock a bar and we don’t qualify but Janey was moving fast and cut to the right, so it really was my only option. It doesn’t seem to matter and we get to celebrate by eating some treats and tugging and playing.

After a bit, I go back to my crate to take a snooze and Janey goes to volunteer jump set for another class of dogs. She showed me a picture,

and it kind of looks like she is just hanging out, but I’m down with that.

After a terrific snooze, I get to go back and we run another course. This one has just jumps and weave poles and Janey isn’t anxious at all, gives me plenty of space in the poles and we’re finished in about 30 seconds – phew, that went by fast! We celebrate again and she has me pose with some ribbons that sometimes she picks up at these events.

Then we’re back in the car, and home before you know it. I get dinner with the big white dogs and a walk around the pond and I still have some energy, so Sascha and I tug a little.

I even try to get Janey or Bill to play some more tug, by throwing my best “ain’t I cute?” face,

but they aren’t as enamored of the game at this late hour. No matter, soon it’ll be bed time and then it’ll be another best day yet.

P.S. Janey says she’ll post some videos of our actual runs later – make sure and look for that!

The Good, and The Flow

Your flow is as tangible and real as any locomotive, and just as powerful.  – Robert Genn

We’ll start with the good.

Tinker just four short months after starting agility competitions. What a rush this run was. Not perfect, but a real connection and flow between us.

That flow, however, can be ever so fleeting. In an attempt to decipher the flow better, and to experience it more often, I decided to start this blog to document some of our journey to get to it, and to get back to it.

Follow us if you like. I hope you will.